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Lexia sits, looking and Jinni and Sassy after perusing the tumblr posts
. “so…here you are. in clothing or lack thereof.”
Good for you. cleavage all over the place…*looks bored and uninterested as she tends to her nails*
"And here I am, somewhat scantily clad yet you don’t see me prancing around for anyone customer or otherwise. Some fan service…is it all about the cleavage or can you do more than just jump around? If you can good for you!" *does mock applause*
"As a female fan I am disappointed. Is this the best you can do? Is there anything where you DON’T strip naked?" 
Seems disinterested and bored now. Muttering about how its all the same, girls just jump around and they think it works for everyone. Some women don’t have a clue about how to truly be teasingly mean or use what they were given.

(and for those that object, this is one fan posting in an attempt to ask for something more. yes the visual is great, but what else can you do? otherwise this is a provoke post to be a provoke post in good fun. if this is taken in seriousness then there is a problem because its not meant to be serious.)

jinni-and-sassys-funtimes asked:

Unf Jinni


You are:

[x] Cute
[] Adorable
[] Beautiful
[] Sexy
[] Hot
[] askjdgfj
[] Perfect

If you kissed me I would:

[] Kiss you back
[x] Be shocked
[] Smile 
[x] Push you away
[x] Slap you

If you asked me out I would say:

[x] No
[] I dont know
[] Maybe

Can we cuddle?

[] No thank you
[x] Sure 

I want your number/we should talk more:
[] True 
[] False 
[x] Sure why not

a bit of slap and tickle,   lets leave out the tickle  and get right to the slapping

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